Beyond Just Mesh Networking: A Deep Dive into Meshmerize Key Features

  In today’s world, reliable wireless connectivity is essential for devices to communicate with each other and access the internet without the need for physical cables. However, maintaining a stable wireless connection can be a challenge, especially for moving machines. Factors such as physical obstacles and distance can disrupt networks, leading to poor signal strength, … Continued

Mesh Networking Intricacies: Let’s Talk About Mesh, Baby

Welcome to the fascinating world of mesh networks – an ingenious network topology where each node relays data. This blog post will take you through the historical development, intricate functioning, and varied applications of mesh networks.  Furthermore, it will shed light on Meshmerize, a groundbreaking wireless mesh networking solution that is setting to transform numerous … Continued

Breaking boundaries in logistics: Powering some of the largest automated warehouses with Meshmerize [a technical deep dive]

Meshmerize’s latest deployment showcases the power of our innovative mesh networking solution. We are providing reliable connectivity for high-performance shuttles in one of the world’s largest autonomous warehouses. This is one of the largest densely populated dynamic mesh networks in the world, demonstrating our unique ability to provide reliable and agile connectivity solutions for time-critical … Continued

Behind the Scenes: A Peek at Meshmerized Warehouses

Automated warehouses face connectivity challenges that impact the performance of the AGVs and AMRs. These challenges include AGV connectivity loss, sudden failures, delays, and rigid infrastructure requirements.  Mesh networks offer several advantages over traditional networking solutions, making them ideal for warehouse environments. The mesh network allows robots to communicate with each other and with the … Continued

Mesh it up: what is mesh networking and how does it work?

  During the last couple of years, mesh networks have become a part of the conversations in various technology and industry circles. Whether talking about private or commercial use, mesh always finds its way to the spotlight. This blog post will explain what wireless mesh networking is and how it works.   So, what is … Continued