Mesh network for Machines

Meshmerize is a Mobile Ad-hoc Network specifically designed for low-latency, reliable machine-type communication. Instead of relying on single wireless links between the base stations and the devices, Meshmerize uses a decentralized device-to-device communication to strengthen the network from the inside.

Feature-rich mesh network stack for moving machines

Meshmerize is purpose-built to ensure reliable and low-latency communication between machines, robots, vehicles, and people, even in constantly changing environments.


Meshmerize easily overcomes challenges caused by radio shadows. By relaying messages through all nodes, Meshmerize navigates around radio dark zones, seamlessly maintaining network connections without the need to physically eliminate the obstacles creating them.


All devices can connect not only with the APs but also with each other. This gives the devices the superpower to stay connected at all times by creating newer connections well before the old ones fade away. No disconnections, only nodes roaing freely.


Meshmerize is hardware-independent, giving one the freedom to choose any commercial off-the-shelf device that suits their needs.This allows effortless setup of a powerful mesh network for a diverse range of industrial and robotic applications.


No expensive cabling with Meshmerize. Simply power up an access point running Meshmerize and watch it connect wirelessly to existing network, enabling quick and easy expansion.


Our smart multi-path routing algorithm allows hundreds of devices to participate in a single mesh network, making it ideal for large-scale operations like warehouses with 100+ robots. Meshmerize prioritizes higher reliability, keeping the connections strong, even under heavy use.


Meshmerize allows transporting various types of data packets with different priorities by using a multipath routing algorithm to relay important messages through multiple redundant paths. For example, a higher priority is given to control signals than to video feeds, ensuring reliable connectivity even if there’s a drop in wireless signal strength.


Efficient and reliable broadcast messaging system allows for quick communication of important information, making it an ideal tool for sending safety beacons and other time-sensitive messages throughout the network.


Hive, a comprehensive web-based tool for managing and optimizing Meshmerize networks, effortlessly handles the nitty-gritty tasks, allowing you to concentrate on what truly matters. Designed to take on network visualization, batch configuration, troubleshooting, and provisioning.

Reliable networks don’t have to be a luxury

5G systems build a single, expensive, but ultra-high reliable link between the device and the base station. Meshmerize, on the other hand, combines multiple pre-existing inexpensive unreliable links to build a resilient and dependable network – analogous to weaving a bunch of threads into a strong rope.

Under the hood

The core of Meshmerize is our mesh networking software that can be installed and integrated into most Linux-based systems, including OpenWRT. It exposes itself as a virtual ethernet device and is entirely transparent to the applications using them. This enables Meshmerize to transport well beyond standard IP (TCP/UDP) traffic. Many industrial protocols such as Modbus and Profinet can be reliably transported over Meshmerize networks wirelessly. To the applications, Meshmerize behaves as if all the network nodes are connected to a single Layer 2 switch, but physically distributed all over the place.

Beyond just WiFi networks

Meshmerize can leverage existing ethernet backbone networks networks for high-throughput networks. It simply finds the best network route between two nodes – whether that is through the mesh directly or ethernet or even 4G/5G networks.

Meshmerize is also fully integrated with the IEEE802.11p (v2x) hardware to enable reliable low-latency multi-hop v2v mesh networks.

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