UAV connectivity

Meshmerize empowers drone swarms for seamless autonomous operations, reliably connecting beyond cellular networks for boundless exploration.

Enabling mobility and reliability to coexist

Traditional Aerial Network Shortcomings

Cellular networks like 4G/5G, tailored for ground communication, often fall short in providing aerial connectivity, especially in remote areas. This gap is critical for drones used in agriculture, forestry, or emergency scenarios where dependable communication is key.

The challenges of drone connectivity:

  • Limited line-of-sight communication restricting range.

  • Inconsistent or no cellular network coverage.

  • Vulnerability to environmental and structural interferences.

  • Challenges in maintaining stable flight connections.

  • Scalability issues in managing swarms.

Drone networks redefined with Meshmerize aerial edge

Meshmerize introduces a revolutionary approach by creating nomadic networks that adapt dynamically to the needs of drone swarms. Drones serve as mobile APs, extending connectivity and forming a robust, scalable network that surpasses terrestrial constraints.

Elevating drone communication for autonomous skies

  • Rapidly deployable mesh network, when and where necessary.

  • Makes all drones aware of neighbour positioning.

  • Control traffic prioritization enabled.

  • Compatible with long range communication radios for 50+km.

  • Supporting multiple parallel video streams.

Multipath Routing - High reliability
Combines multiple unreliable links to make one reliable network, resistant to single outages.
Low latency
Depending on the use case, low latencies of <100ms achieved.
Technology independent
As a layer 2 implementation, Meshmerize runs on WiFi, sub-Ghz radio, and will run on 5G (Sidelink).

Meshmerize in swarm action

Autonomous drone swarms

  • Self-deploying, self-organising, self-healing.

  • Fast roaming enabled.

  • Ability to break into sub-swarms.

  • Efficient task coordination for complex operations.

in-flight network extension

  • UAVs as APs extend network reach themselves.

  • Network that grows as the drone fleet expands.

  • Consistent connectivity, even in remote sites.

  • Long range connectivity of 50+km.

optimized broadcasting

  • Share live UAV positioning data.

  • Low latencies of <100ms achieved.

  • Collision avoidance.

  • Adapts to any swarm size.

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