UAV connectivity

Meshmerize enables autonomous drone swarms even outside the realms of cellular infrastructure.

The missing puzzle piece

Rapidly growing industry

Ranging from smart farming to areal sensory of foreign planets, drones or UAVs have seen rapid growth in popularity. Though they are still in the early stage of large-scale applications, the potential for collaborative swarms of drones is enormous and yet to be tapped.

Today, drones are controlled almost exclusively by a near line-of-sight communication by a single operator. Autonomous drone swarms, on the other hand, can perform collaborative tasks in tandem with each other or to ground units, whether it may be tractors or firefighters. Besides the rapidly improving regulations, the key challenge in realizing these use cases is, in fact, the lack of a reliable infrastructure-independent drone communication network.

Challenges to overcome

The existing cellular infrastructure (4G/5G) is optimized for ground communication, not areal connectivity. Besides, the coverage is severely focused in urban areas. In remote regions like farms, forests or camps, where the UAV and drone swarms use cases are likely needed, cellular coverage is notoriously spotty.

Meshmerize enables nomadic networks, where the wireless networks can be built dynamically where required currently and temporarily. The network can be seamlessly expanded over a large region by drones themselves behaving like mobile access points with wings.

Using Meshmerize:

  • Every UAV becomes an Access Point and relays messages among themselves, and to the gateway node.

  • Drones build a low-latency reliable connectivity that is resilient to both mobility and environmental changes.

  • Multipath routing ensures zero-delay handover and robust against both environmental and malicious radio interferences.

Industry focused
Reliability and low latency for
time-critical systems with high mobility
Your wingman network
Our software can easily coexist with your infrastructure.
Instead of replacing the value, we add to it.
Low costs
Hardware independent software product.
Could be installed directly on the drones

Key usecases

Reinforce infrastructure network

  • Resilient to drone mobility

  • Seamless handover

  • Connectivity in radio shadows

  • e.g., Drone surveillance around the perimeter

Range extension

  • For areas with no coverage

  • UAVs as Access Points

  • Build a dynamic network, when and where required

  • e.g., areal sensing of large sites with multiple drones

Drone swarms

  • Scales over 200 nodes

  • Distributed control

  • Low latency

  • e.g. collaborating scanning of power lines, bridges and other infrastructure

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