Smart Agriculture Connectivity

Meshmerize elevates agricultural productivity by offering a reliable mesh network that seamlessly connects machinery, ensuring uninterrupted harvesting and other agri operations.

Non-stop connectivity for seamless agri operations

Connectivity Today

The evolution of agriculture towards technology-driven methods highlights the critical need for dependable connectivity.

Key Challenges

  • Modern farm machinery needs reliable connectivity for continuous operation.

  • Seamless network integration is essential for sustainable farming and advanced machinery efficiency.

  • Radio shadows from obstacles, including machinery, can cause significant operational delays.

  • Limited 4G/5G access and challenging landscapes impede modern farming technology deployment.

  • Setting up wide network coverage on large farms is often cost-prohibitive.

Connectivity with Meshmerize

Meshmerize transforms farm connectivity by establishing a self-configuring network that directly links leader-follower agri systems, tractors, sensors and harvesting equipment. This innovative approach minimizes the need for expensive traditional networks, significantly cutting costs while boosting reliability drastically.


  • Meshmerize extends range with peer-to-peer networks by effortlessly turning machines into access points.

  • Reliably mitigates radio-shadow zones created by topographical challenges and machinery themselves.

  • Facilitates <1 second reconnection times for non-stop agricultural operations.

  • Ensures seamless entry and exit from the network, minimizing downtime.

  • Boosts reliability for constant M2M communication, fully compliant with the IEEE 802.11p standard and carrying CAN-BUS traffic.

  • Network management made convenient and easy with Hive.

Ensures less than 1-second reconnection time, significantly cutting downtime for continuous agricultural productivity.
Effortlessly expands network coverage, turning each agricultural machine into a dynamic access point.
Simplified and efficient mesh network management with our comprehensive web tool Hive.

Mesmerize use cases in smart farming


  • Resilient M2M communication, especially in the leader-follower settings.

  • Effectively overcomes radio shadow zones.

  • Graceful entry and exit of vehicles into the network.

  • Easy setup with plug and play mesh network eliminates manual configurations.

  • Machines no longer rely on cellular connectivity.

  • Compatible with various wireless standards, including WiFi 4, WiFi 6, and IEEE802.11p and able to carry CAN-BUS traffic.


  • Network expansion made easy by adding machinery as nodes for widespread coverage.

  • Extending farm connectivity truly wirelessly.

  • No additional cabling needed.

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