AGV/AMR connectivity solution

Meshmerize delivers a purpose-built mesh networking software designed for seamless and reliable connecivity in dynamic industrial environments with AGVs and AMRs.

Fast-track to reliable Industry 4.0 connectivity

Navigating traditional Connectivity Hurdles

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) struggle with connectivity in dynamic industrial environments, as standard enterprise WiFi networks are optimized for throughput rather than the essential reliability and low latency needed in these settings.


Key challenges in conventional WiFi

  • Roaming handover time between APs spans from 500ms to 20s.

  • Physical obstacles cause coverage dead zones.

  • Traditional AP positioning fails in dynamic environments.

  • Network expansion requires extensive cabling and time.

Answering Industry 4.0 requirements

Meshmerize is built with the needs of industrial robots in mind, such as low latency and high resilience. It’s a plug-and-play software solution that can be installed on a wide array of off-the-shelf network hardware.

The Meshmerize edge for AGVs and AMRs:

  • Near-zero handover time between the APs, ensuring seamless roaming.

  • Adapts to environmental interferences, mitigating radio shadows.

  • Effortless wireless network expansion by simply adding more devices.

  • Easy scalability with the fleet growth and operational needs.

  • Multipath routing and smart redundancy to eliminate single point of failure.

Multipath routing protocol
Eliminating the single point of failure for high resilience and low latency in time-critical systems
Wireless network expansion
Skip the cables: simply power up additinal APs and wirelessly extend the network.
hive network management
All-in-one network management software made for tedious tasks so you can focus on more important things.

Enhanced network reliability for optimal AGV performance

seamless roaming

  • Seamless mobility with near-zero handover time.

  • Preemptive connection creation.

  • No signal drops or delays.

  • Flawless operational performance.

  • Minimal latency with high network reliability.

Circumventing Dark Zones

  • Efficiently navigates network blind spots.

  • Messages relayed across all network nodes.

  • Unaffected by walls and other obstructions.

  • Reliable data delivery with multipath routing.

  • Significantly manual intervention reduction.

High scalability

  • Scales effortlessly by adding new devices.

  • Manages diverse traffic types.

  • Efficient alert broadcasting.

  • Traffic prioritization for critical comms.

  • Network management simplified with Hive.

Multipath routing for better resilience

The organic redundant multipath routing of Meshmerize ensures that the messages get delivered to the robots within the latency threshold, irrespective of mobility, radio-shadows and hand-over events. As long as there is a route for the messages to take, whether direct or indirect, Meshmerize will find it.


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AR/RS Success story

A global leader in the logistics sector offering advanced racking solutions through its automated storage system features AGV shuttle robots for efficient goods handling in complex warehouses. Meshmerize was deployed to ensure robust connectivity, keeping all shuttles operational and online at all times.


AS/RS case study



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