Tunnel Construction

Meshmerize provides a resilient, reliable, and cost-effective wireless network solution for tunnel construction sites without compromising performance.

Dependable Connectivity.
Sensible Investment.

meshmerize powered Seamless Signals in Solid Rock

With Meshmerize, tunnel construction sites benefit from a flexible, scalable, and robust network that enhances safety and productivity without relying on traditional, vulnerable cable-based solutions.tunnel construction connectivity meshmerize



tunnel construction Connectivity That Goes the Distance.
or depth.

  Reliable, uninterrupted wireless communication reducing the need for cables.

  Best-in-class affordability.

  Unparalleled flexibility in hardware selection.

  Truly wireless expansion and seamless equipment integration.

  A resilient backup plan for critical operations.


Learn more in our tunnel construction connectivity blueprint solution.


Tunnel construction connectivity solution

Hardware-Friendly Solution
Meshmerize plays well with others, merging seamlessly with your chosen hardware.
Affordable Excellence
Cost-effective solution that proves superior tunnel connectivity doesn’t have to break the bank.
Infinite Reach
Meshmerize makes network limitations disappear, expanding wirelessly as your tunnel grows.

Illuminating the Depths

Failover Solution for a Dependable Plan B

  • Reinforces existing network with a robust wireless backup network.

  • Ensures no disruption during cable failures.

Transforming All Devices into Access Points for Seamless Communication

  • Boosts connectivity by creating a dependable mesh network.

  • Employs both static and dynamic machinery as network nodes.

  • Utilizes innovative multi-path routing capabilities.

  • Keeps devices connected via line-of-sight.

  • Uses mobile machinery to extend network coverage.

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