Unlock the full potential of your Meshmerize networks with Hive

Hive is a comprehensive web-based tool for managing and optimizing Meshmerize networks. Our all-in-one mesh network management software is made to handle the tedious tasks so you can focus on more important matters.

Experience unmatched control over your mesh networks

Bird’s eye view of your network
  • Visualize and accurately position all nodes, both static and mobile, on a map or floor plan.

  • Get location updates either from GPS or from custom coordinates (e.g. warehouse network management systems)

Manage devices in bulk, with ease
  • Effortlessly modify configurations across multiple devices.

  • Simplified firmware updates with automatic roll-back mechanisms.

  • Apply preconfigured templates to nodes in bulk, making provisioning a breeze

Performance based Troubleshooting
  • Proactively identify and resolve network issues.

  • Spot misconfigured robots and rogue hotspots.

  • Recognizing unknown or unauthorized networks.

Hassle-free Node provisioning
  • Conveniently add, remove or relocate nodes.

  • Automate the provisioning process to save time and resources.

Alerts and Notifications
  • Receive real-time alerts on network state changes for quick issue resolution.

  • Helps you quickly fix any issues with the network.

API Integrations
  • Integrates the network nodes into your other tools using RESTful API calls.

  • Enrich the Hive experience by providing additional data, such as location information, from external sources.

Meshmerize offers cloud-based deployment and management of Hive as default, but enterprise customers with large networks have the option to run it locally through dedicated hardware.

Hive is relatively new and rapidly evolving. It’s already been deployed in a handful of production environments where it’s proven to be a valuable tool for managing Meshmerize mesh networks. It has many critically useful features, and we have even more planned for the future.


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