About us

We are here, because robots deserve a better network.

Sreekrishna Pandi

Simon Wunderlich

Frank Gabriel
Who we are

We are a team of curiosity-driven developers, researchers, and strategists, on a mission to fundamentally innovate the way moving things connect with each other.

As our company continues to grow, we are seeking for the best and brightest to build a dynamic and diverse workforce to fuel our growth and success. Do the words passion, collaboration, pragmatism, and ski-lifts resonate with you? You’ll fit right in.

What we do

We are pioneers at building wireless mesh. We build communication networks that allow industrial robots, drones, and all sorts of autonomous vehicles and machinery to connect to each other directly without depending on base stations or other infrastructure.

When we aren’t connecting robots, we love to bike, hike the Sächsische Schweiz and play a little beach volleyball. But when it snows, we set off for the Alps with our boards.

Our core values
Chronically curious
Learning is a perpetual process. We strive to continually expand our knowledge even if it means stepping out of our comfort zones or making a few mistakes along the way.
People first
Employees are not just an integral part of Meshmerize, we ARE Meshmerize. Building and fostering a friendly and satisfying work environment is crucial to our success.
Building a team, not just heroes
Success comes from the collective. A culture of mutual growth, diverse and complementary team are elemental for it.
Transparency by default
We are open and transparent with the entire team to help us stay aligned with the goal.
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