Smart Construction Mesh Network

Meshmerize engineers the backbone of construction site connectivity with a highly reliable mesh network, easily deployed and managed, ensuring seamless machinery communication.

Machines aren’t stationary. Why should their network be?

Connectivity Today

Reliable connectivity remains a challenge in modern construction sites. Despite advances in automated machinery and digital tools aimed at enhancing productivity and sustainability, traditional network solutions often fall short here. The struggle to adapt to the ever-changing landscape and remote locations of construction sites results in frequent disconnections and reduced operational effectiveness.

Key Challenges

  • Inadequate network infrastructure at remote sites leads to connectivity issues.

  • Automated machinery requires quick reconnections to prevent delays.

  • Physical barriers on sites disrupt signal transmission.

  • Traditional networks are costly due to extensive cabling and setup.

  • Reliable connectivity is crucial for ensuring worker safety amidst heavy machinery.

Connectivity with Meshmerize

Meshmerize transforms the construction sites into seamless connectivity hubs. Our innovative mesh network solution brings them to a new level by deploying cost-effective, robust, and flexible networks at a moment’s notice, providing a lifeline of connectivity for autonomous vehicles and drones in the dynamic construction environments.


  • Deploy networks on-demand, where and when necessary, without the need for existing infrastructure.

  • Seamless roaming and multipath routing ensure uninterrupted communication.

  • The self-healing mesh network intuitively enhances performance and negates the need for manual configurations.

  • Minimizing the need for extensive cabling and fixed access points.

  • To expand the network, effortlessly integrate additional nodes as needed.

  • Effortless network management with our web-based network management tool Hive.

Resilient communication links between construction machinery, even in the most challenging environments.
Dynamic Network Infrastructure
Meshmerize mesh network adapts in real-time, seamlessly integrating new nodes. Expansion is wireless, instant and effortless.
Available through a variety of commercial off-the-shelf wireless products in a plug-n-play fashion.

Flexible Mesh Networks for Smart Construction


  • Set up a reliable wireless network rapidly, where and when necessary.

  • Place the mesh nodes around the site at your convenience — no need for manual setup or ethernet cables.

  • Dependable communication among machinery in areas with limited or no cellular coverage is guaranteed.

  • Extend the network wirelessly by simply adding nodes as needed, with no cabling hassle or additional configurations.

  • Easily transfer and redeploy the mesh network to new project sites.


  • Provide robust vehicle-to-vehicle connectivity for seamless collaboration between excavators, drones, cranes, and other machinery in all conditions and potential interference found in construction sites.

  • Meshmerize network can easily accommodate an expanding fleet of machines without compromising performance or reliability.

  • Compatible with industry-standard wireless such as WiFi 4 , WiFi 6 or IEEE802.11p based devices.

  • Manage and oversee your interconnected fleet effortlessly with Hive, our comprehensive network management tool.

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