Smart Construction Mesh Network

Meshmerize provides a robust mesh network for construction sites, with easy deployment and management for uninterrupted machinery and robot communication.

Machines aren’t stationary. Why should their network be?

Robust mesh networking: beyond cables, beyond limits

Meshmerize transforms the construction sites into seamless connectivity hubs. Our innovative mesh network solution boosts construction site connectivity, deploying affordable, resilient, and agile networks instantly for robots, vehicles, and drones in dynamic site connectivity meshmerize

Laying down reliable connections as you build up

  Deploy a reliable network where and when necessary.

  Seamless roaming and radio shadow mitigation.

  Self-healing mesh network benefits and no manual setup needs.

  Reducing reliance on extensive cabling and fixed access points.

  Expanding the network easily by adding nodes as required.


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Resilient communication links between construction machinery and robots, even in the most challenging environments.
Dynamic Network Infrastructure
Meshmerize mesh network adapts in real-time, seamlessly integrating new nodes. Expansion is wireless, instant and effortless.
Available through a variety of commercial off-the-shelf wireless products in a plug-n-play fashion.

Flexible Mesh Networks for Smart Construction


  • Instant network deployment, where and when necessary.

  • Place the mesh nodes at your convenience and extend the network truly wirelesssly, without the extra cabling.

  • Dependable communication in areas with limited cellular coverage.

  • Easily transfer and redeploy the mesh network to new project sites.


  • Robust M2M connectivity for seamless collaboration between machinery in all conditions.

  • Accommodating an expanding fleet of machines without compromising performance or reliability.

  • Compatible with industry-standard wireless such as WiFi 4 , WiFi 6 or IEEE802.11p based devices.

  • Network management made easy with Hive.


  • In case of a blind spot, connectivity is rerouted through another network node.

  • Instantly adjusting to any new obstacles.

  • Effortlessly adapting to the dynamic ever-changing surrounding.

  • Expanding coverage by adding nodes.

  • Zero handover time = no more roaming issues.

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