Mining Site Connectivity

Meshmerize delivers an ultra-reliable mesh network software for seamless connectivity in all mine types, including open-pit and underground, crucial for operational efficiency at remote sites.

Digging deeper and wider with Meshmerize


Meshmerize revolutionizes connectivity in the mining industry by providing a dynamic mesh networking software that adapts to the challenging and ever-changing environments of underground and surface mining sites.


mining site connectivity meshmerize

powering connectivity to thrive underground

  Unmatched network reliability, even in the most remote and rugged locations.

  Flexible adaptation to physical obstructions and cable breakage circumvention.

  Simple network setup and compatibility with a range of commercial hardware.

  High scalability – easy network expansion as mining operations grow.

  Network entry and exit made effortless.



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Enhanced Self healing
Near-zero failover time due to sudden link changes or node dynamics.
effortless network expansion
Growing the network by adding more devices, be it static or mobile.
blind spot mitigation
Effectively going around network blind spots, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity.

Unearthing the Meshmerize potential in mining

remote operations

  • Overcoming blind spots with advanced relay links.

  • Network remains stable despite cable breakages.

  • Traditional network infrastructure not needed.

  • Wirelessly extendable network by adding nodes.

  • Uninterrupted connectivity in remote areas.

graceful network entry and exit

  • Near-zero handover time for device mobility.

  • Automatic network entry and exit - no manual setup.

  • Rapid connection establishment under 1s.

  • Seamless task transitions.

  • Costly delays prevented.

site inspections

  • Dynamically adapts to changing environments.

  • Effective underground and surface pit inspections.

  • Extensive coverage throughout the site.

  • Enhanced safety in complex mining operations.

Case study: DARPA Subterranean Challenge

In the DARPA Subterranean Challenge, Meshmerize demonstrated its robust capabilities by maintaining uninterrupted communication under extreme underground conditions. This showcases Meshmerize’s reliability and adaptability in challenging environments such as those in mining sites.


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