Meshmerize in Action: A Glimpse into the Future at IEEE 6G Summit

6G Summit Dresden Meshmerize

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Meshmerize proudly participated in the IEEE 6G Summit held in Dresden on the 9-10 of May. The event was a whirlwind of technology, discussions, and networking opportunities that showcased our dedication to innovation and our commitment to providing reliable connectivity solutions. 

Meshmerize’s booth, featuring a disaster recovery demo, attracted a diverse range of attendees, allowing us to demonstrate the immense potential of our technology in critical scenarios such as wildfires. This summary highlights our key messages from the summit.

6G Summit Dresden Connectivity Highlights

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Breaking the Wifi barrier

Meshmerize believes that mesh networks have the potential to become an integral part of the forthcoming 6G revolution. Mesh networks are not limited to WiFi but can be deployed across various applications and industries. 

Unlike traditional WiFi networks, which are prone to connectivity issues and single points of failure, Meshmerize creates a robust and reliable mesh network. By connecting each robot to multiple access points simultaneously, our software significantly improves latency and reliability while diminishing the risk of failure.

6G Summit Dresden Meshmerize
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The 6G Summit Dresden Talks: the Relationship Between Meshmerize, WiFi, and 5G

Meshmerize does not seek to replace existing technologies but rather enhance their capabilities. While 5G offers strength and reliability similar to a titanium string, it can be expensive to deploy. On the other hand, WiFi links are like feeble cotton threads, ubiquitous and inexpensive but lacking in robustness. 

Meshmerize bridges this gap by weaving these feeble threads into a strong rope. Furthermore, our technology can integrate both titanium and cotton threads, allowing for hybrid solutions that maximize performance and flexibility. Projects such as 6G Sky, CETI, and 6G Life exemplify Meshmerize’s ability to leverage various technologies for optimal results.

Mesh made easy: Real-World Success

Within just one year of commercialization, Meshmerize has already established a global presence, with well over 1.000 nodes operating in warehouses and factories worldwide. Notable among these deployments is one of the world’s largest fully autonomous warehouses, which features more than 100 nodes and dozens of fast-moving shuttles. 

Meshmerize seamlessly handles the complexities of this environment, including constant handovers and dense metallic structures, ensuring exceptional reliability and latency below the required 100ms threshold.

6G Summit Dresden Meshmerize
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Meshmerize’s Commitment to Innovation and Connectivity at 6G Summit Dresden

Participating in the IEEE 6G Summit was, once again, an exceptional experience for Meshmerize. The event provided a platform to share our vision of mesh networks, showcase our innovative disaster recovery demo, and establish contacts with industry leaders and researchers. 

The summit reinforced our commitment to propelling innovation, connection, and growth while highlighting Meshmerize’s capability to provide reliable connectivity in the most challenging environments. With successful deployments worldwide and a growing portfolio of projects, Meshmerize is poised to be an integral part of the future of connectivity in the 6G era.


Meshmerize is a startup based in Dresden, Germany that provides the ultimate mesh network software to an array of industries. The full potential of Meshmerize is yet to be seen. We would like to hear your thoughts – let us know what you think at