What is Meshmerize and how does it work?

Meshmerize is an industry-grade mesh network software that supercharges off-the-shelf WiFi hardware to deploy an ultra reliable mesh network, ensuring highly reliable, resilient, and low-latency connectivity specifically designed for moving machines. Check out the Meshmerize software features.

What use cases is Meshmerize designed for?

Meshmerize is specifically designed for industrial machine-to-machine communication. It was created to enable high reliability, low latency connectivity to all and any moving robots or machines. So far, Meshmerize has proven itself in intralogistics, agriculture, drone swarms, construction and other use cases.

What makes Meshmerize different from other mesh networks?

What sets Meshmerize apart from other mesh network protocols is its design tailored for dynamic environments. At the heart of Meshmerize lies its multipath routing protocol, which guarantees low latency and high reliability. This makes it ideal for moving machines, ensuring seamless roaming. Not only does the multipath routing remove the risk of a single … Continued

What hardware is Meshmerize compatible with?

Meshmerize is hardware independent. It’s a completely software-based networking stack, designed for easy integration into a broad range of commercial off-the-shelf WiFi devices. For more information on devices that Meshmerize is integrated with, please check out our Wiki.

How does Meshmerize compare to WiFi and 5G?

Enterprise WiFi, although suitable for activities like web browsing and video calls, struggles to maintain reliability and efficiency in the fluctuating conditions of industrial environments. On the other hand, while 5G networks offer high speeds and low latency, they come with substantial costs and challenges, especially in indoor settings, making them less accessible for many … Continued

How does Meshmerize compare to 11s or B.A.T.M.A.N.?

Meshmerize is a mesh network protocol designed for environments where change is constant. Unlike traditional mesh network protocols such as 802.11s and B.A.T.M.A.N, which excel in more static environments, Meshmerize offers a distinct advantage. It shines particularly in scenarios requiring high mobility and flexibility. It updates its routing tables within milliseconds, which allows it to … Continued

What does it mean to have a mesh network comparable to a Layer 2 network switch?

Basically, Meshmerize can make the devices behave as if they were connected to each other by cables. Meshmerize enhances network functionality by offering features like message prioritization and firewalling. This adds layers of smartness to its overall performance. However, it’s the plug and play aspect of its connectivity that truly sets Meshmerize apart, making it … Continued

What are the benefits of the multipath routing protocol?

The multipath routing protocol enhances network reliability by sending packets along multiple paths simultaneously, ensuring delivery even if one path fails. It also optimizes network efficiency by smartly balancing throughput and reliability, and prioritizing features based on data packet characteristics, resulting in improved performance in dynamic environments.

How do I manage a Meshmerize network?

Meshmerize mesh networks are managed and optimized with Hive, an all-in-one web-based tool. Hive offers a clear visual of node layouts, enables users to manage devices in bulk, and add or remove nodes from the network with ease. Hive’s troubleshooting proactively detects and addresses issues. Users receive alerts for network changes, and the system’s API … Continued