How long does it take to set up/deploy Meshmerize?

Meshmerize is a self-configuring network that will be operational out-of-the box when the devices are fully booted. Customizing the Mesh with general purpose network configuration is easily possible through Hive’s centralized network configuration management.

How big can a Meshmerize deployment be?

A Meshmerize deployment can be flexibly scaled, accommodating up to 200+ nodes. This makes it a versatile solution for networks of various sizes. However, the actual limitations on scale with Meshmerize will vary and are dependent on specific use case factors. These factors include traffic volume and node density.

How do I set up Meshmerize on my device?

Meshmerize already comes pre-installed on a number of devices. Additionally, Meshmerize provides a MeshmerizeOS software image to manually install Meshmerize to a device. Once Meshmerize has been installed it can be individually configured through the Web UI on each device or through Hive. Check the Meshmerize Quick Start Guide.

How many APs do I need?

Selecting the right number of APs for a deployment is tailored to specific needs and influenced by various factors. Reach out to us for guidance in making the best decision on APs.