Mining & Construction

Meshmerize’s dynamic mesh networks deliver easy connectivity between autonomous mining & construction vehicles and machinery

Machines aren’t stationary anymore.
Why should their network be?

Connectivity Today

Autonomous devices such as AHS (automated haulage systems) and drones are becoming a normal sight at mining and construction operations. With the increased use of these new technologies, questions about connectivity and safety arise for devices and personnel, respectively. Reliance on existing infrastructure networks like 4G and 5G is impractical since the sites are often outside urban areas with suboptimal network coverage. Setting up a temporary reliable wireless network with traditional means gets quite expensive.

Key Challenges

  • Equipment, vehicles and drones need to be connected to a central server, and optionally even to the internet.

  • Sparse coverage of public wireless infrastructure at sites

  • Setting up traditional WiFi coverage is expensive due to cabling and setup.

Connectivity with Meshmerize

Meshmerize allows spawning infrastructure-independent networks on the go, where and when necessary. The flexibility of commissioning networks quickly and inexpensively, in combination with its high-reliable, low-latency characteristics, can accelerate the deployment and use of autonomous vehicles and robots in the field of mining and construction.


  • Deploy the wireless network where and when necessary

  • Self-organizing and self-healing mesh network – No need for manual configuration

  • Less reliant on access points and cabling

  • Seamless roaming and multipath routing

Enables reliable wireless infield communication, thus providing low-latency command-and-control of adjacent machines.
Dynamic Network Infrastructure
A self-healing, self-reorganizing mesh network – When more APs are added to the existing network, the rest of the network recognizes this instantaneously.
Available through a wide variety of COTS wireless products in plug-n-play fashion using standard ethernet or other industrial busses.

Flexible Mesh Networks


  • Swiftly provision wireless networks where and when necessary.

  • Simply spread the mesh nodes accross the field. No manual setup or ethernet cabling necessary.

  • Expand the coverage by installing additional nodes without any further manual configuration.


  • Provide reliable local vehicle-to-vehicle connectivity between machinery.

  • Compatible with industry-standard wireless such as WiFi 4 , WiFi 6 or IEEE802.11p based devices

  • Interface to the machines using standard ethernet or other industrial bus technologies